Soleara is a travel company with its head office in the Netherlands. Our faithful customers know that properties rented through us mean they have obtained a perfect start for a successful holiday.
Our company was founded in 1990. Since the very beginning we published a brochure. In 1998 we began setting up our website and it has proved to be an enormous success. The site is available in five languages, which means that we reach an international audience.
If you decide to work with us, then you will be joining up with an ambitious company that focuses very much on the customer, that has an ever-growing potential for customers (because of the site's international audience) and that is punctual with payments.


We are continually on the look out for new properties. Primarily we want more properties so that we can offer the best and widest range of properties possible. There is always a turnover of properties due to the sale of the property, because of sickness, aging, moving, divorce or death of the owners. Nevertheless we do as much as we can to maintain the number of properties we have on offer. In addition no two properties are ever alike and so one-to-one comparison between the properties is never really applicable.


  • An excellent, fully-functional website in five languages (Dutch, German, English, French and Italian) with plenty of space for photographs of both the interior and the exterior;
  • In addition our website is continually evolving as we strive to always offer our customers the best in terms of technology, descriptions, presentation and layout of the site and in the attraction of customers (through visibility in different countries in the most popular search engines). We will continue to invest both time and money in this in the near future too;
  • The inclusion of a number of search criteria on the website make finding a property much easier for the customer. A search can be carried out by country, province or department using a map; by budget, by the number of bedrooms, by the number of persons, etc. As well as by combinations of any of these criteria;
  • Advertising in newspapers and magazines both in the Netherlands and other countries and many links from other websites;
  • We work closely with a number of affiliated organisations also offering holiday rentals in the Netherlands and other countries;
  • The customer service that we offer is excellent both on the phone and by email. Our staff all speak several languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch);
  • A streamlined administration for the processing of reservations and for the receipt and payment of monies;
  • You get a personal user name for our site so that you can log in and manage the availability calendar for your vacation property.


Soleara endeavours to keep you up to date with developments by means of a newsletter (by mail or email).